I am a co-founder and Artistic Director for Gaslight Productions Ltd.  Home grown theatre company producing immersive theatre experiences:

Gaslight Productions Ltd is an exciting Immersive Theatre Company based in Brighton. The founders are Lisa Douglas, Nadia Strahan and Karen Baker, combining 30 years of theatre experience with insatiable enthusiasm and boundless creativity.

Gaslight Productions create inclusive, accessible and interactive theatrical experiences in response to site-specific inspiring spaces. So convincing the audience forget they are experiencing theatre, fostering new meaningful connections and memories they take home forever.

So convincing the audience forget they are experiencing theatre, fostering new meaningful connections and memories they take home forever.’

Gaslight Productions burst onto the immersive theatre scene to create original elegant total theatre experiences that combine exciting and political narratives through the delivery of high quality music, dance and performance. Each participant for our evenings are invited to bathe in the glory of another time and place with no fourth wall to be seen on site.

We are key innovators in restoring our faith in humanity through the platform of theatre. Our key objectives are for our audiences to feel like they matter and to project constant new stories into the space in order to share and witness beautiful, funny, moving, authentic and thought-provoking experiences.



The dynamic trio are back. The company that bought you Mister Franks Cotton Club and Blue Heaven are ready to transport you on another delectable immersive experience. It’s 1941 Paris. Are you ready to meet your agent and go underground into Les Zazou!….Expect Swing Dancing, live music, characters and intrigue.   


After the success of Mister Franks Cotton Club Brighton Festival 2017 our show on the 24th November 2018:

Gaslight Productions presents: Blue Heaven

24th November

From the creators of Mr Frank’s Cotton Club

Gaslight Productions, the creators of the most talked about show in the Brighton Fringe 2018 ‘Mister Frank’s Cotton Club’ are back and will be transporting their audience to 1933 for one exclusive night only.

‘Blue Heaven’  

It will be an immersive night of theatre, live music, DJ’s, dancing and gallons of moonshine….

Often we invest in an evening with a theme of an era. Blue Heaven will offer something more. A chance to meet and observe the lives of bootleggers, gangsters and movie stars as they navigate the end of prohibition. There are scores to settle and plans to be made.

Join Opal St. Clair and Mamma Mo as they hatch their plans for revenge and the new illegal gin business.  During the evening you can kick back and soak up the stories, music and Lindy Hop dancing as well as the sumptuous now legal brews. But as we all know nothing lasts forever…

Here is a link to our Crowdfunder have a look and get involved!





Brighton Festival 2017


Mister Frank’s Cotton Club

By Mister Frank’s

Peoples Choice Awards. Vote for event
Age suitability: 18 +
The famous Mister Frank presents a debauched prohibition themed night of live music, Charleston dance lessons, dancing and plenty of drinking! Meet at the Warren Box Office for your passage to the most talked about secret location at The Fringe. Be sure to look the part for this amazing 1920s themed evening.[N.B. Bus to secret location will leave promptly.]
05 May 2018 19:15 – 23:45
12 May 2018 19:15 – 23:45
19 May 2018 19:15 – 23:45
26 May 2018 19:15 – 23:45

I am currently performing in the Brighton Festival 2017

This Brighton-based forum theater company produce thought-provoking performances about social and political matters, using storytelling, discussion, and re-enactment.

‘Between You and Me’ has been created in collaboration with Mankind and is based on true stories and experiences. It is about a man who is suddenly confronted with his past, and how those close to him cope with this.

With the stage as a platform for debate, audiences will challenge the issues which surround male sexual abuse by exploring the attitudes and behavior of his friends and family as they become the protagonists of the piece.

Suitable for age 16+.

Sweet Dukebox, 3 Waterloo Street, BN3 1AQ
28th-29th May
11am (1hr 30 mins)
£7 (£5)



* Regular Performance Reviewer for Fringe Review covering the Brighton Festival & UK








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