I currently work as a therapist and Life Story consultant in fostering teams and schools independently using DDP principles (a framework for therapy and parenting developmentally traumatised children) to support parents, guardians and carers with children’s emotional attachment and developmental trauma through relational-based psychotherapy. The family sessions with the caregivers aim to improve a child’s ability to relate, develop secure attachments and respond to challenges in life led by the main attachment figure:

  • Receive non-judgemental and accepting responses to the understanding of the child and the emotional impact the child is having upon them
  • Increase parental sensitivity through PACE (Dan Hughes)
  • Learn to increase reciprocal interactions and intersubjective communication with their child
  • Help to make sense of behaviors and emotional responses
  • Make emotional connections with their child before setting behavioral limits

Initial Consultation (2 Hours) £80

Parent Sessions (2 Hours) £120



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