1:1 and Group Therapy

Dramatherapy – Creativity is the key to communication and change.

Therapy is often about talking our problems through. Dramatherapy offers something different and unique: the chance to explore challenging feelings that may be holding us back in our lives and relationships, in creative and dynamic ways

I run my own a private practice in East and West Sussex with children and adults and have done for the past 10 years. I work closely with social services, schools and foster care families where I receive referrals to work with children, young people and families affected by developmental trauma. I have been collating and delivering Life Story work for children and young people for the past 5 years.  This is my specialism and passion. To support relational and attachment trauma.

I have managed therapeutic teams within addiction services and run dramatherapy groups in rehabilitation centers for mood disorders, eating disorders and substance misuse.


A space to use creative methods to explore personal process using symbolism, metaphors and action methods such as improvisations or characters.

It is an intended safe form of reality where we can begin to explore your concerns and rehearse change.


  • Develop a symbolic language
  • Experience unacknowledged feelings
  • Interact with and integrate those feelings creatively into your personality
  • Therapeutic change to take place
  • Help to express difficulties in a non- threatening environment
  • Be listened to carefully and take your difficulties seriously
  • Help you discover how dramatherapy can empower and provide a new way of experiencing the world
  • Help make sense of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences


During our first meeting, we will assess together whether a more creative way of working can be useful for you. You do not need to have previous experience or skill in acting, theatre or drama. I am trained to enable you to find the most suitable medium for you to engage in group or individual therapy to address and resolve or make troubling issues more bearable.

Initial Consultation (50 mins) £35

Individual Sessions (50 mins) £60

Trainee Therapists (50 mins) £42 (Over 11 years of working with trainee therapists)

Group therapy up to 15 People (2 Hours) £35

School Package 12 Sessions (50 mins) £920

Life Story 12 Sessions £1,200 (Including consultations and collation)




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